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Speed: 113 • Control: 95 • Spin: 115 • Sponge hardness: medium+

Thickness: 1.9 / 2.1 mm

Item no.: 7193

€ 46.90






made in Germany


made in Germany


Speed: 120 • Control: 91 • Spin: 115 • Sponge hardness: hard

Thickness: 1.9 / 2.1 mm

Item no.: 7194

€ 46.90

GEWO | nanoFLEX FT48

This is the hardest and fastest version with the highest dynamics. A rubber developed for top level

professional players who want to win the point with aggressive attacking. Top spins of your opponent

can be answered with hard and dangerous counter spins. Despite a tremendous catapult production

nanoFLEX FT48 offers utmost control normally seemed unreachable for a rubber of this category.

nanoflex FT48 an explosive weapon to give your opponent the shivers.

GEWO | nanoFLEX FT45

The GEWO nanoFLEX is built with the medium sponge of the nanoFLEX series. This rubber with its

medium+ sponge closes the gap between the harder FT48 and the soft FT40 version. Here the pip

geometry was developed in order to generate a perfect balance between spin and speed. Whether

close to the table or mid distance the FT45 offers more precision pressure play and a great option

of varying spin strategies. nanoFLEX FT45 is ideal for top spin players looking for a medium sponge

with the main focus on spin and power.

Choose a rubber that suits you: The innovative revolution of nanoFLEX is the

new development with the wow effect. It is a premium rubber with the latest

high state-of-the-art technology. Players at all levels have participated during

the development and testing of this rubber. GEWO technicians have created a

new innovative high tech rubber series with nanoFLEX, a geometry adapted

pimple structure. The result is an attacking weapon that gives a catapult like


The newly developed pimple geometry adapts to the ball surface guaranteeing

a highly explosive spinny shot during all playing situations. The highly tacky

tension surface generates enormous spin ratings thanks to the very dynamic

elastic surface. The nanoFLEX series offers tremendous feeling with the op-

timum dynamics of spin and power for all professional and serious players.