2 THE PIMPLE HEADS IN THE RUBBER ARE ARRANGED AT A GREATER DISTANCE FROM ONE ANOTHER, AND THEY ARE SLIGHTLY THINNER THAN IN EL RUBBERS. THE PIMPLE HEADS IN THE RUBBER ARE ARRANGED AT A SMALLER DISTANCE FROM ONE ANOTHER, AND THEY ARE SLIGHTLY THICKER THAN IN XT RUBBERS. FOR MORE SPEED STANDARD FOR MORE SPIN ELASTIC RUBBER SPIN SPEED FOR MORE FOR MORE DGC40+ 2.0 One of the factors of success of the GEWO HYPE EL / XT / KR rubbers was the innovative DGC40+ top sheet technology. DGC40+ stands for constant, reliable coupling upon ball contact, and the grippy surface prevents “slip- ping” of the ball. The introduction of the latest ball generation (e.g. GEWO Select Pro 40+***), however, also calls for a further development and adaptation of the top sheets. The result: DGC40+ „Dynamic-Grip-Concept“ 2.0. The top sheet was specially developed for and adjusted to the requirements of the latest ball genera- tions. If you don’t go forward, you go backwards! Maxximum.Power.Play. 2.2 –2.3 mm speed spin 4 mm 2,0 mm DGC40+ 2.0 MORE GRIP MORE ROTATION FLEX-TECH THE NEW STANDARD FOR PERFECT PERFORMANCE. NEXXTTABLETENNIS. Due to permanent product adjustments, e.g. the introduction of the new ABS balls, rubbers had to be adjusted accordingly to these trends. The latest ball generati- on produces less rotation and speed. To compensate for this loss in rotation and speed, you have two options: Adjust your technique or your material. GEWO aims at supporting the necessary physical adjustments with innovative solution appro- aches: A thin, high-grip top sheet (nexxTT) compensating the loss in speed and rotation with its inherent dynamics and higher tension (N.E.P.). Plus, a medium-po- re, dynamic sponge which, depending on the performance variant chosen (XT -> speed; EL -> spin), makes the Nexxus Pro Series a real “Energy Monster”, especially the maXXimum thickness ( 2,2mm/2,3 mm = Maxximum.Power.Play.). 2,3mm